"The great thing about human beings is that they always feel they're creating something new." Omar Al Jiwari

Omar Al Jiwari, an emerging photographer hailing from Paris, is rapidly gaining recognition for his exceptional compositions and masterful command of colors. His photography presents a vibrant and contemporary interpretation of humanist street photography, characterized by a sophisticated palette and modern sensibility.

With a keen eye for detail and a unique perspective, Al Jiwari's work encapsulates the essence of street life, transcending the ordinary to unveil moments of profound beauty and significance. Through the expert use of color, he infuses each frame with emotion and narrative, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of everyday existence.

As Al Jiwari continues to traverse the streets of various cities around the world, his talent for capturing the intricacies of life through his lens promises to leave an indelible mark on audiences globally. Watch closely as this young photographer pushes the boundaries of contemporary street photography, delivering bold and evocative imagery that resonates deeply with viewers.

Omar Al Jiwari Biography

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Omar AL JIWARI is a French photographer. His passion for photography was awakened only a few years ago, but it has already made an indelible mark in the artistic world. Despite his Iraqi origins, Omar grew up in the vibrant metropolis of Paris, where he was imbued with cultural and artistic richness. After graduating with a degree in software engineering, he worked in that field for several years, juggling between his professional career and his growing passion for photography. It was only later that Omar decided to fully dedicate himself to his love for visual art. Inspired by the bustling streets of Paris, the picturesque landscapes of his native Iraq, as well as a variety of cultures he encountered throughout his life, Omar developed a unique style that captures the very essence of life and human diversity.

His passion for photography recently led him to exhibit his works at the Leica Store Paris Rive Gauche, a rewarding experience that helped broaden his recognition in the artistic world. Furthermore, he had the opportunity to have several of his shots published in Réponses Photo magazine, one of which was honored to be selected for the cover, a humble recognition of his work and artistic vision.

Despite his discretion, his achievements are remarkable, notably his victory at the 2023 edition of the "Photography Foundation Awards." Omar won the first prize in the "Street Photo" category, but what is even more remarkable, he was also honored as the overall grand winner. This prestigious recognition speaks to his exceptional talent and ability to capture the essence of urban life through his lens.

His influences in photography are diverse and illustrious, including names such as Alex Webb, Harry Gruyaert, Ernst Haas, Steve McCurry, and Christopher Anderson. These great masters of visual art have contributed to shaping his style and artistic vision, inspiring him to explore new aesthetic territories and to capture the complexity of the world around him.

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